METエクソン14スキッピング変異陽性肺がん患者のPD-L1発現、TMB、免疫治療への反応性を検討【Ann Oncol】

METエクソン14スキッピング変異陽性肺がん患者では、PD-L1の発現は高いものの抗PD-1抗体の効果は中等度、TMBの中央値はunselected NSCLCより少なかった

PD-L1 Expression, Tumor Mutational Burden, and Response to Immunotherapy in Patients with MET exon 14 Altered Lung Cancers

Annals of oncology 2018年8月27日オンライン版

MET exon 14 alterations are actionable oncogenic drivers. Durable responses to MET inhibitors are observed in patients with advanced MET exon 14-altered lung cancers in prospective trials. In contrast, the activity of immunotherapy, PD-L1 expression and tumor mutational burden (TMB) of these tumors and are not well characterized.



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